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Healthcare's digital frontier

These are epic times as healthcare becomes more connected, effective and personal. Digital technologies and medical breakthroughs offer amazing promise – empowering patients, expanding access to high-quality care, improving outcomes and driving down costs.

Changing healthcare landscape

Hospitals, payers and providers are merging and evolving, redefining patients as consumers, managing populations and grappling with ever-tightening budgets. Health-tech innovators need to cut through the noise to attract the attention of a very busy audience.

Strategic marketing on-demand

Mercury HealthTech is a nimble marketing consultancy firm with sharp focus on healthcare technology. We partner with small and large innovative companies whom we get to know personally and serve as a flexible and reliable strategic marketing resource.

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Strategic Marketing Overview

Marketing Plans

To achieve business goals, you need a plan. We develop and execute comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing plans that let you confidently measure success and adjust along the way.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Market launches start where development leaves off. We create 360-degree go-to-market strategies - messaging, segmentation, pricing and everywhere in between - that prepare you to transform healthcare.

Brand Building

Your company's brand personifies your vision and purpose, products and services, employees and partners, and more. We strengthen brands to increase trust, loyalty and recurring business.

Thought Leadership

Instill confidence with peers, prospects and customers. Promote your unique point-of-view while sharing your passion, purpose and expertise. We will build a program that tells your inspiring story.

Content Strategy

Content really is king. Your audience wants to consume information at their pace on their time. We create well-rounded content strategies tuned for the buyer's journey: awareness, consideration and decision.

Business Collaboration

Need strategic alliances to promote and distribute your innovations? We help identify and validate synergistic relationships with channel partners, marketing affiliates and influencers.

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Helping You Transform Healthcare

Enterprise Imaging


Medical imaging now extends beyond the radiology and cardiology service lines. Hospital CIOs need enterprise-level strategies that include secure clinical content capture and exchange across health networks.

Digital Health


Smartphones, wearables, cloud computing and IoT technology are ushering in the era of connected health, empowering patients with serious chronic diseases like diabetes and helping the elderly to age-in-place.

EHR Optimization


The healthcare industry invests billions in electronic health records, yet physician adoption and satisfaction are too low. Improving access to unstructured data and interoperability with clinical systems are key priorities.

Precision Medicine


Advanced DNA sequencing and genomics help doctors personalize care for patients with cancer and other life-threatening diseases by combining imaging, molecular diagnostics and analytics to determine ideal therapies.

AI & Machine Learning


Patient care will drastically benefit from ongoing advancements in machine intelligence. More accurate diagnoses, evidence-based treatment modeling and reduced physician burnout are some early promises.

Healthcare Consumerism


More risk in healthcare cost is shifting from payers to patients through the introduction of high-deductible policies, giving a rise to cost-conscious consumers focusing on the total value of healthcare services.